What Do Auto Electricians Do?

Auto electricians specialise in the wiring of motor vehicles. They are often involved in the the maintenance and repair of the electrical parts of a motor vehicle.

They use their specialist knowledge of automotive electrical circuits, wiring and computer systems to diagnose faults using specialist diagnostic equipment. They repair faults and ensure the car’s electrical system is at optimum performance.

Newer vehicles are incredibly complex and powerful, this is due in no small part to the electronics which control the mechanisms in our vehicles. They make our driving experience more enjoyable and more personal than ever before. Imagine your vehicle without the electronic fuel gauge or warning to remind you to fill up your car, or being without your central locking system and vehicle alarm. All of these features rely upon vehicle electronics, which most of the time work as they should, but when faults occur, you may need an auto electricians to find the fault and repair it for you.


Auto electricians complete an apprenticeship. To be a good auto electrician you need excellent attention to detail and solid, reading, writing and mathematics skills, combined with strong problem solving skills.


Auto electricians work with a range of vehicle diagnostic tools including:

  • Multimeters
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Scan tools (OBD & brand specific)

What Parts Do Auto Electricians Work With?

They generally work on the following automotive parts:

  • Electronic fuel injector systems
  • Ignition systems
  • Gauges & instruments
  • Air-conditioning
  • Brakes & ABS
  • SRS & airbag systems
  • Alarms & anti-theft systems
  • Electronic fuel pumps
  • Install and fix electrical accessories
  • Sound systems
  • Rear vision cameras & sensors
  • Lights & lighting

As you can see from the list above, an auto electrician is required for many jobs on your vehicle and that’s why we have an auto electrician staff member at Aussie Mechanical.

We don’t ever need to send your vehicle somewhere else to diagnose and fix an electrical fault. We have all of the skills and technology required in our workshop, available to all of our customers. This means better service for you and a seamless experience from auto mechanic to auto electricians needs.

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