$99 Car Servicing, Is It Saving You Money?

We totally get it! Taking your car in for a service can be daunting. If you don’t have a regular mechanic you can depend on, you never know what to expect or how much it will cost. It is common knowledge that a trip to the mechanic for a simple service or repair can turn into a financial nightmare if you put your trust in the wrong provider.

In recent years, people are increasingly using online or shopping receipt coupons to save money on car repairs and service. The $99 Car Service offer has become increasingly advertised online and in shopping and coupon offers.

Car Servicing With Groupons & Shop-a-dockets

The $99 Car Service Groupon or Shop-a-docket offer can sound like an incredibly good deal, but we always recommend that you check the fine print as these offers sometimes do not include everything you need to complete a thorough service and inspection. Before leaping into one of these offers we recommend checking the fine print. Ask to see all the conditions and services in writing so that you can avoid any hidden traps or unexpected additional costs.

When completing a service on your car, you don’t want your mechanic rushing or missing important vehicle checks to complete the job within the constraints of the agreed price. These offers are generally “loss leaders” for the mechanical business to get you in the door. This price may not be sustainable for the business and it may mean that you are taking your car to a business which might not be there, when you need it.

If you are considering using a groupon deal or shop a docket for your next service, we recommend that you also do your due diligence in regard to other customers’ experiences and check the ratings and reviews of the car servicing workshop. Check how long they have been in business and whether they have moved or rebranded in recent times.

Car Servicing By A Popular & Reliable Mechanic In Brisbane

If you’re looking for a trusted car service provider with over 170 5 Star Google Reviews and is here for you in the long term, call Australian Mechanical. We have long term clients who wouldn’t trust their vehicle to anyone else! We treat our customers well, providing great advice and quality service at affordable prices.

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