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Australian Mechanical is a Queensland Transport/ Main Roads, Approved Inspection Station (AIS) for Motor Vehicles and Light Trucks up to 4.5t as well as braked dual axle trailers up to 3.5t.

We provide Certificates of Inspection (COI) services for Uber, Taxi, Limousines and Hire Vehicles.

Easy booking and quick turnaround times
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What Is A Roadworthy Certificates?

A roadworthy certificate proves your vehicle has passed a roadworthy test completed by an authorised roadworthy inspector. The roadworthy test is comprised of various criteria points that the vehicle must pass to qualify for a roadworthy certificate. Visit our blog article, What Is A Roadworthy Certificate to learn more.

Roadworthy Requirements Qld

A Roadworthy Certificate is now referred to as a Queensland Safety Certificate. You need a Qld Safety Certificate if you are transferring registration of a vehicle to a new owner. A safety certificate is also required when transferring a vehicle’s registration into Queensland from another state or territory. If you are planning to register an unregistered vehicle then you will need to obtain a roadworthy asap!

*Vehicles That Require A Safety Certificate Are:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Trailers (including caravans) with an aggregate trailer mass (ATM) between 750kg and 4500kg
  • Any other vehicle up to 4500kg gross vehicle mass (GVM)

*This information was sourced from the Queensland Government website and was correct at the time of writing. We recommend that you check the Queensland Government Safety Certificate website for any recent changes.

Roadworthy Certificate Checklist

As already discussed, Roadworthy Certificates, more recently called safety certificates, are required for registering or selling vehicles. Queensland Transport Code of Practice requires all vehicles being offered for sale, transferred for registration, or re-registered in Queensland to undergo this inspection to ensure they meet safety standards.

In addition to suspension, windscreen, steering, lighting, brakes, and tyres, inspections cover basic safety aspects but they are definitely not a comprehensive mechanical inspection. We recommend buyers, particularly those buying an older private vehicle, book in for a comprehensive vehicle inspection to ensure the vehicle does not have any major defects that will cause mechanical issues in the future.

There are times when vehicles fail this basic inspection. It usually depends on how well the vehicle/truck/trailer/motorbike is maintained as to whether it passes or fails.

What Are the Main Reasons That Vehicles Fail Their Certification?

If your car fails the Safety Inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report and written quote to repair the defects.

What Are the Main Reasons That Vehicles Fail Their Certification?

If your car fails the Safety Inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report and written quote to repair the defects.


Damaged or malfunctioning lights are one of the most common reasons that vehicles fail a safety certificate inspection. To pass the test, the lights cannot be cracked or faded. Indicators, brake lights and even number plate lights must all be functioning properly to pass.


Tyre issues including worn and cracked tyres are generally the second most common reason a car will fail an inspection. Tyres must have a minimum of 1.5mm tread depth to pass a roadworthy and cannot be damaged in any way.

Windscreen & windows

A chipped or cracked windscreen is a common reason for a car to fail a roadworthy inspection. If any of the windows (including the windscreen) are tinted too dark, they will also cause a car to fail an inspection. All windows must be free of cracks, chips, scratches.


Being able to stop your car is arguably more important than being able to get your car moving! Your brakes must always be working at peak efficiency, so any damaged or worn components, air in the brake lines, old brake fluid, a faulty handbrake, fluid leaks etc. will cause your car to fail an inspection.


Rust is something that can start to appear on older or not properly maintained vehicles. Surface rust can be fairly easily removed and the surface coated with paint to keep it from rusting again, but rust that has penetrated the metal can cause the component to become weakened and structurally unsound. Rust will cause your vehicle to fail an inspection.

Engine & Transmission Leaks

Engine & transmission oil leaks often cause vehicles to fail inspections. An unchecked oil leak can signify engine damage or cause damage to other components. It also stains the Queensland roads, causing you to fail a roadworthy inspection.


A working horn is important to quickly and loudly notify other drivers to help keep accidents from happening. If your horn doesn’t work, you can’t notify drivers in this way, leading to a failed roadworthy inspection.


Many people make modifications to their cars for a number of reasons, however not all modifications are legal. Any modifications that are not allowed by the Queensland Transport Department or aren’t correctly certified will result in a failed roadworthy inspection. Please see the Queensland Transport Vehicle Modifications website for more details.

Windscreen Washer Reservoir, Pump & Wipers

Being able to see out of your windscreen in many different conditions (such as rain or dust) is a very obvious and important requirement when driving a vehicle. If your windscreen wipers are cracked, squeaking or not working, it will cause you to fail a roadworthy. Similarly, if your washer fluid reservoir or pump are damaged or not working correctly, they will also cause your vehicle to fail.

Exhaust leaks

Your exhaust is actually a lot more complex than you might realise. Not only do they convert many harmful substances into more environmentally friendly ones via a catalytic and keep the noise levels down, but most exhausts are tuned to their engine, making the engines more efficient. An exhaust leak can cause a number of problems, not to mention let out harmful chemicals and make your car much louder. An exhaust leak will likely cause your car to fail a roadworthy.


A battery is integral to your car functioning correctly. If your battery is leaking, cracked, warped, bulging or simply beginning to die, your car will likely fail a safety inspection. If you’d like to learn more about battery maintenance, check out our blog below Car Battery Myths Vs Facts.

Steering Components

Your car’s steering system is something that not a lot of owners give much thought to, but over time they do wear out which can make driving conditions extremely dangerous.

Suspension components

Car suspension is one of the hardest working systems of the car, constantly absorbing bumps and turning forces to keep you comfortable and safe. Worn shock absorbers, springs and various other components can increase the risk of accident drastically – so worn suspension components will cause your car to fail a roadworthy inspection.

How Long Does A Roadworthy Last In Qld?

In Queensland, the length of time a roadworthy certificates is valid depends upon who is selling the vehicle. For licensed motor dealers safety certificates are valid for three months or 1000 km, whichever comes first, from the date of certificate issue. For all other sellers safety certificates are valid for 2 months and 2000km, whichever occurs first.

According to the Queensland Government website, as at July 2022, you can use the same safety certificate to register an unregistered vehicle and then transfer the registration, as long as it occurs within the limits discussed above. A new safety certificate is required for each transfer of a vehicle to new owners. Visit our blog article “How Long Does A Roadworthy Certificate Last” to find out more.

To check the latest updates in regard to Safety Certificate requirements visit the Queensland Government Safety Certificate website.

How Much Does A Roadworthy Certificate Cost In Qld?

The cost of a Roadworthy Certificate is the same all across Brisbane, and in fact all across the state of Queensland. Don’t be fooled by advertisements of low cost safety certificates as the fee is set by the Government and is the same for all providers. But, it is also important to note that the labour cost for the inspection may not be covered in the Certificate Fee.

Safety Certificates can either be handwritten or issued electronically, either via email or printed. In both handwritten and electronic forms, the safety certificate fee is the same; however it varies depending on the vehicle classification:

Motor vehicles with a gross weight of up to 4500kg are priced $89.85
Trailers over 750kg and up to 3500kg are priced $45.00
Motorcycles are priced $57.75

Safety certificates can only be issued by approved inspection stations in Queensland.

Roadworthy Certificates Near Me

Are you looking for a roadworthy certificate close to you? We are located in Pickering Street, Enoggera, (just a 5 minute walk from the Enoggera Train Station) servicing the following local suburbs and beyond:

  • Mitchelton
  • Everton Park
  • Gaythorne
  • Alderley
  • Ashgrove
  • Newmarket
  • Grange
  • Stafford
  • Keperra
  • Wilston
  • Kelvin Grove
  • Everton Hills
  • Herston
  • Arana Hills
  • Red Hill
  • The Gap

What Happens If You Fail A Roadworthy?

If your vehicle fails a roadworthy safety inspection, you will be provided with a full list of the issues to be rectified and a quote to fix them. Queensland Transport allows you up to 14 days to repair any issues and have the vehicle re-inspected. If your vehicle is not repaired and inspected in the 14 day timeframe, your partially completed Roadworthy Certificate will be cancelled and a new inspection will be required.

At Australian Mechanical, if a vehicle fails a safety inspection and the customer carries out their own repairs, we charge a reinspection fee of $45.00 provided the vehicle needs to be put on the hoist. If it is only a simple matter for reinspection, like a windscreen or globe that needed replacing, we wouldn’t charge a reinspection fee as it only takes a minute to visually assess the repair has been done. Contact us or give our experienced team a call on 07 3356 1538 to book your roadworthy inspection today!

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