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Logbook Servicing In Brisbane

Logbook servicing is crucial to ensuring your vehicle remains in top condition and is covered under warranty. At Australian Mechanical in Enoggera QLD, we are fully qualified and authorised to complete logbook services for a wide range of makes and models of cars, 4WDs and more!

As a leading logbook servicing provider in Brisbane, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in top condition. We are committed to providing you with the best service possible including local dropoff and pickup services to ensure your day isn’t interrupted because you need your car serviced. Our team of skilled mechanics are highly trained, experienced and use only the highest quality parts to ensure that your vehicle is running at its best.

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Maintain Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

We provide logbook servicing to keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid.

  • Qualified and experienced mechanical team
  • All the manufacturer’s scheduled items
  • Full 100 point vehicle check
  • Stay covered by your warranty
  • Authorised to perform logbook servicing on most makes and models

What Is A Logbook Service?

A logbook service is scheduled maintenance that is recommended by all vehicle manufacturers to ensure your car is always running in peak condition. A logbook service is performed at specific intervals, usually every 10,000 km or every 12 months, and is essential to keep your car working optimally.

A logbook service is not the same as a regular service, as logbook services are usually required to maintain the vehicle’s warranty and also maintain resale value. When a logbook service is completed by an qualified and authorised mechanic such as Australian Mechanical, we will fill out the vehicle’s logbook to confirm the service has been performed at the date and time required.

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Stay Covered By Your Vehicle Warranty

A logbook service by the qualified team at Australian Mechanical ensures that your vehicle stays covered under its dealer/manufacturer warranty.
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Excellent Customer Service

There is a reason we have so many 5-star reviews for our professional team, you can expect exceptional quality combined with friendly customer service – every time.

Convenient Location

We don’t expect you to spend your time waiting around at our workshop. Dropping your car off to us is so convenient with the train station close by and bus stop just across the street.

Pickup & Dropoff Services

We can pick you up and drop you off before and after your service to make sure that you can get on with your day. Just ask us about our pickup & dropoff services.
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What Does A Logbook Service Include

A logbook service typically includes a range of checks and maintenance tasks, such as:

  • Changing the engine oil and filter
  • Checking and replacing air filters and fuel filters
  • Checking and replacing spark plugs
  • Inspecting and adjusting the brakes
  • Inspecting and adjusting the suspension and steering
  • Checking and replacing the timing belt (if applicable)
  • Checking and topping up all fluid levels
  • Inspecting the battery and charging system
  • Inspecting the exhaust system
  • Inspecting and replacing/rotating tyres
  • Checking headlights and brake lights
  • Any other items as noted in the vehicles service manual

Do I Need A Logbook Service Or A Basic Service?

A logbook service is usually required for keeping your vehicle covered under the dealer/manufacturer warranty. Compared to a regular service, a logbook service includes a more detailed list of maintenance tasks that must be completed at specific intervals as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. A logbook service also includes a logbook stamp, which will prove that your car has been serviced by a qualified mechanic. This is more desirable when buying a secondhand car, so it will actively improve the resale value of your vehicle.

It’s important to note that logbook services are specific to the manufacturer of the vehicle and the vehicle model. It’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule and use the specified parts regardless of warranty to ensure your car is properly maintained and to reduce the risk of premature wear, accident or serious injury. However, if your vehicle is out of warranty, you can opt for a regular service rather than a logbook service. We will still inspect your vehicle and let you know if there are any other areas that require service or maintenance.

4×4 (Four Wheel Drive) Logbook Service

At Australian Mechanical, we specialise in 4WDs, including 4WD logbook servicing. Many of us have our own fourbies that we love to take offroad, camping and anywhere else we can! We understand that 4WDs need specific maintenance and care that differs from other types of vehicles, especially if they’re taken offroad. Our team of qualified mechanics have the experience and knowledge to properly maintain and service your vehicle and ensure it’s always running as it should.

When booking a 4WD logbook service with Australian Mechanical, you’re choosing a team that will love and care for your rig. We’ll ensure your 4WD, 4×4, offroader or however you like to call it is in top condition and that it stays covered under your dealer/manufacturer warranty. Give us a call on 07 3390 1562 to book a 4×4 logbook service today!

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Car Brands We Provide Logbook Servicing For

We can complete logbook services for most makes and models including (but not limited to):

Why Choose Australian Mechanical For Your Logbook Service In Brisbane?

Our Brisbane workshop follows the guidelines of the recommended logbook service program for all makes and models and we use a recognised vehicle database to ensure that we meet manufacturer specifications and maintain all vehicle warranties.

Our partnerships with quality brands such as Ryco Filters, Gulf Western Oil, Supercharge Batteries and Federal Tyres means that only certified products are used in all work carried out on your vehicle.

We’ll always make sure that you’re fully aware of the cost of all parts and services prior to commencing any extra work on your vehicle.

Logbook Service Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Dealership Have To Service My Car?

Some people believe that they must return to their new car dealership to have their log book service completed and stamped with a record of service, or they void their warranty. However, the ACCC have confirmed that under Australian Law you are free to have your log book service carried out by any mechanical workshop of your choice as long as they are qualified!

All of our mechanics and auto electricians are fully qualified to perform log book servicing for a wide range of vehicles, from daily commuters to 4X4s to luxury european cars.

Will You Stamp My Logbook?

Yes, absolutely! Even though your logbook may have an area which is set aside for an “authorised dealer” stamp, we can sign and stamp your book in the relevant page, being qualified to carry out your log book service and ensure your vehicle remains covered under warranty.

What’s The Difference Between A Logbook Service And A Regular Service?

Logbook servicing is usually completed in an effort to keep your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty usually has strict requirements about service intervals and what each service entails set out in the logbook. The Australian Mechanical workshop in Enoggera is able to provide logbook services, ensuring that your car gets the best treatment. A regular service is very similar, however as the car is usually out of the warranty period the service items are adjusted to suit the vehicle’s age, condition and where possible, the owners budget.

How Often Should I Have My Car Serviced?

Every car is different, but a good rule of thumb is every 10,000 kms or 6 months – whichever comes first (if your car is older or is driven with more enthusiasm, your service periods are may be shorter). The service manual should provide a servicing schedule and a list of what is required for each service. To learn more, read or blog “How Often Should You Service Your Car?”.

Do You Provide Pickup & Drop Off Services?

Yes we do! Please give us a call on 07 3356 1538 to easily arrange pickup & drop off times for your car service.

If you have any of these symptoms, contact us to book in a battery replacement.

Do You Service/Regas Aircon?

Yes we do! Australian Mechanical has qualified technicians and state-of-the-art workshop equipment to re-gas and service aircon, as well as repair or replace air conditioning components. To learn more, visit our Air Conditioning page.

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