Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Driving a nice, clean car is a great feeling, almost like putting on an expensive suit or elegant dress – but it’s a lot of work. If you’re sick of constantly washing your car, sick of swirl marks always showing up and you want to extend the life of your paint – ceramic coating is the answer. Ceramic coating works to protect your paint from scratches, swirl marks, chemical etchings, other general paint damage and even stops your car from getting dirty so quickly (meaning longer times between washes). The best part? It only needs to be done once every few years – no more constant polishing and waxing!
If you want to learn more about ceramic coating and how it can help your car keep clean and pristine, read on.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic Coatings are liquid polymer solutions that are applied to a car’s exterior, chemically bonding to the paint to create an additional layer of protection. Ceramic coating can protect the paint from the most common forms of damage including scratches, swirl marks, rock chips, UV rays and chemical etching (from bird droppings, tree sap, water marks etc.).
Ceramic coating is an alternative to wax – another common paint protection method. While both wax and ceramic coat protects the paint, wax is worn away fairly easily by the elements and needs to be re-applied (we recommend waxing your car at least twice a year). On the other hand, ceramic coating’s chemical make-up does not break down under normal conditions like wax – providing longer and stronger paint protection even in the extreme Australian climate.

Is ceramic coating worth it?

In short – yes! Ceramic coating is the strongest and most comprehensive way to protect your paint. Whether you’re looking to keep your car’s paint looking clean, or you just want to maintain its resale value, ceramic coating is well worth the initial cost. It also makes cleaning and maintaining your vehicle much easier, since the ceramic coating creates a strongly hydrophobic surface, repelling water and dirt from your car’s exterior surfaces.

How long does ceramic coating last?

An appropriately applied Ceramic Coating can last anywhere between two and five years, based on how often the vehicle is driven, what kind of weather conditions it’s driven through, and how well it is maintained through washing and storing the vehicle, especially right after the coating has been applied.
Some ways you can extend the life of your ceramic coating includes:

  1. Allow enough time for your ceramic coating to cure properly
    It takes time for a ceramic coating to cure, usually two to three weeks. It is important that you store your car in a secure location during this period so that you can be certain it is ready.
  2. Keep the cars surface clean
    Dirt and other build-up, like with any paint protection, can contaminate the surface and cause the shine to fade and the protection to break down. Washing off dirt and grime before it becomes built in is the best way to help maintain your ceramic coating over the long term.
  3. Get your vehicle detailed
    A regular car detailing service can really help protect your ceramic coating, especially if it is conducted by a facility that is capable of performing the ceramic coating procedure itself. Specialists will be able to perform a detailing on your car with the knowledge and tools required to perform the ceramic coating, which will help maintain your ceramic coating for even longer.

Ceramic coating & car detailing Brisbane

If you’re looking to take your newly detailed, or new vehicles paint protection more seriously, then a Ceramic Coating could be the best option for you. Australian Mechanical has the experience and equipment to apply a quality Ceramic Coating, protecting your cars paint into the future!
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