Why Is My Car’s Air Conditioning Working?

Summer in Brisbane usually includes some very hot days with high humidity. Broken air conditioning in your car on a long trip through South East Queensland may be both sweaty and uncomfortable. A simple and easy fix may be all that is needed to make your car cool and comfortable again this summer.

How Does My Car’s Air Conditioner Work?

Just like a regular air conditioner, your car’s air conditioner system reduces the moisture content of ambient air and cools it on the way into your cabin. There are a number of different components that work together to perform this cooling operation, and a small issue such as a leak or blockage may be the cause of your air conditioning issues.

Common Cooling Issues

There are a number of common symptoms that can help you figure out exactly why your car’s air conditioner isn’t working correctly. Some of these include:

Your Car’s Air Conditioner Is Cool, But Not As Cold As It Used To Be

This may be caused by:

  1. A clogged cabin filter. This filter cleans the air of any contaminants as it enters your car, and over time can get clogged up. A quick visual inspection should let you know if this is the case.
  2. Your cooling fans aren’t turning on. This can be a simple electrical issue such as a loose wire. Try turning on your air conditioner and seeing if the fans spin.
  3. Low refrigerant. Over time, refrigerant can escape due to leaky components. If you believe this is the case, it may be time to have your aircon regassed.

Your Car’s Air Conditioner Doesn’t Work At All

This may be caused by:

  • A blown fuse. A fuse is used to protect components from unexpected power surges. From time to time, they can blow due to a once off power sure or deterioration from age. Check to see if any of your air conditioner fuses are blown, as a new fuse can cost as little as a few cents and can be easily replaced at home. If the fuse continually blows after it is replaced, it may be indicative of a greater electrical issue.
  • A broken compressor. Your air conditioner’s compressor does most of the heavy work in the cooling process. It pushes air through all of the cooling components and into your cabin. If your compressor is broken, it will most likely need to be replaced or repaired by a mechanic.
  • Low refrigerant. Over time, refrigerant can escape due to leaky components. If you believe this is the case, it may be time to have your aircon regassed.

How Do I Keep My Car’s Air Conditioner Working?

The best way to keep your car’s air conditioner in good working order is by having it regularly serviced. A good mechanic will always ensure that you are free of leaks and all components are in working order. If you would like to have your car’s air conditioner serviced by an experienced and friendly mechanic, contact Australian Mechanical today on 07 3356 1538.

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