4 Benefits Of Regular Car Servicing

Regular preventative maintenance is an important part of owning a car. With many components constantly spinning at thousands of RPMs, regularly for hours at a time, we can often forget how much stress our cars are put under on a daily basis. As our cars go through this constant cycle of use, wear and tear is inevitable. Fluids, brakes, engine components and more need to be replaced at regular intervals to ensure your car is in peak condition. It can be tempting to skip a service or ignore a problem that doesn’t seem so bad. However, this can leave you stranded on the side of the road, out of pocket with expensive repairs and potentially even badly hurt! Read on to find out 4 major benefits of regular car servicing.

What Is Included In A Regular Service

When taking your car to a mechanic for a service, they will usually ask if you would like a minor service or major service. If you’re not sure which one is right for you and you have a logbook schedule that you’re following, this is easy – the logbook specifies when a minor or major service is required. If you don’t have a logbook, or it’s not up to date, it can be confusing to know what is needed.

In each service, the following is included:

  • Minor Service
    A minor service includes an oil and filter change as standard. A detailed look is also taken of the cars fluids, brakes, tires etc. to ensure there aren’t any additional issues developing. A minor service is required every 10,000km or a year after your last service.
  • Major service
    A major service includes all that is in a minor service, but may also include any number of major service items including replacing the timing belt, replacing fuel filters, replacing brake pads/shoes etc. It’s different for every car, but a major service is required every 3rd service – about 30,000km or every 3 years.

4 Benefits Of Regular Servicing Your Car

So we know what a major and minor service is, what’s the point of having your car serviced on time instead of saving a few dollars and stretching it out by an extra 5,000 or 10,000kms? Regular car maintenance will:

  • Avoid expenses down the track

The cost of getting your car serviced on a regular basis is nothing compared to paying for expensive, preventable repairs! For example, all regular services include an oil and filter change. Not changing your oil regularly can cause it to become dirty, burn away or clog up oil passageways. Your engine is now no longer properly lubricated, meaning all the bare metal is rubbing up against each other causing serious damage, which will very likely lead to it needing to be replaced. The cost of replacing a whole engine far outweighs any servicing costs!

  • Extend the life of your vehicle

Regularly replacing items on time during a service ensures other components don’t need to be replaced early. For example, not replacing your brake pads on time can cause damage to your brake discs (not to mention be incredibly unsafe). Something that only needs to be replaced every 80,000 – 100,000kms may need to be changed out much earlier because you stretched out your brake pad service and ignored any warning signs. Constantly ignoring service schedules can lead to many of your car’s components wearing out early, to the point where so many repairs are required the car isn’t worth saving.

  • Keep your vehicle safe

Cars can be an incredibly dangerous piece of equipment. When thought about in the abstract: You’re regularly going at speeds of 80+km/hr in a big metal box for extended periods of time with nothing but a small patch of rubber keeping you on the road – while also surrounded by hundreds and thousands of other cars doing the same! Regularly servicing your car ensures it can handle anything the harsh Australian roads have to throw at it (including hail, rain, heat, potholes, kangaroos, unsealed roads and much more).

  • Maintain a higher sale value

When buying a vehicle, it’s important to give it a detailed inspection (inside and out) to ensure it’s going to be a sound investment. One easy way to ensure a car has been properly taken care of is to take a look at its logbook. If the logbook has been filled out with regular services, it’s a good chance the car is in good working order. Having a car that is in great mechanical condition and a detailed service history is very desirable, and will always be worth considerably more than a car without a service history.

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