5 Car Maintenance Tips for This Summer

With summer on its way in Brisbane, it’s time to turn some attention towards your car. Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road in the sweltering heat, so below are five easy ways to ensure you’re not left stranded this summer.

1. Check Your Fluids

Your car has a number of different fluids that help to cool and lubricate a variety of components. Periodically opening your bonnet and ensuring these fluids are at their appropriate levels is an easy way to prevent a roadside breakdown this summer.

The fluids you should regularly check include:
1. Engine oil
2. Engine coolant
3. Power steering fluid
4. Brake fluid

If any of these are a low, go ahead and fill them up with the correct replacement fluid. If you’re not sure what to use, book in with us and we’ll top them up for you.

2. Check Your Cooling System

Your cars cooling system is how your engine regulates its temperature. To prevent overheating, your cooling system should be flushed at regular intervals. Between flushes, it’s important to check the coolant level (as per step 1) and top up as required. Perform a visual inspection of any rubber and plastic cooling components (radiator connectors, including hoses and belts) as they are especially susceptible to wear. If you notice any cracking or leaking, it’s time to replace these components.

If you notice your car is running a little hotter than usual, or you haven’t recently had your cooling system flushed, give us a call and book in for a service.

3. Check Your Battery

Your battery is responsible for starting your car and running a number of its key components. To ensure your battery is in good condition, look out for any of these warning signs:

  • A slow engine crank
    If your car is starting more slowly than usual, this may be a first sign of a dying battery.
  • Your battery won’t charge
    A battery that continuously requires manually recharging usually means it needs to be replaced.
  • A bloated battery
    If your car’s battery is swelling, it usually means it has overheated. This can cause the battery case to rupture, causing a leak.
  • A rotten egg smell
    This smell can indicate a leaking battery.

If you notice any of these common issues, then it is most likely time for a new battery. Some other issues such as dim lights while driving and your car turning off at idle, could also be caused by a dead battery, but these may be signs of a larger issue. Logbook servicing usually involves an inspection of the battery and replacement if necessary.

For more information on batteries, check out our blog Should I Buy A Cheap Car Battery?

4. Check Your Tyres

Tyres are the only part of your vehicle actually in contact with the road. As time goes on and the kilometres add up, your tyres slowly but surely will wear out. Not only can worn tyres fetch you a ticket, they also severely compromise your car’s performance. Performing a visual inspection of your tyre tread is a quick and easy way to see if your tyres need to be replaced. To learn more about replacing tyres, read our blog When Should I Replace My Tyres?

Checking your tyres pressure level is also a great way to ensure your car’s handling is at its best. Your tyre pressure should be about 30-35 PSI, and should be checked regularly. Under-inflated or over-inflated tyres can cause premature wear and and compromise your cars performance. If you notice a tyre with consistently less pressure than the others, you may have a leak. To learn how to check your tyre pressure and more related information, check out our blog What PSI Should My Tyre Pressure Be?

5. Book In For A Service

Have all of the above completed and more by booking in for a logbook service. The team at Australian Mechanical check over every important component on your car, replacing and servicing wherever necessary to get you ready for summer. Beat the heat without any hassle by booking a service online, or give us a call on 07 3356 1538

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