Should I Buy a Cheap Car Battery

Along with a flat tyre, a dead battery is one of the most common reasons for roadside breakdowns. Your car depends on the battery to run just about all of its key electrical systems. Without a battery, you aren’t going anywhere! If you find yourself with a flat battery, you may need to buy a new one as batteries need to be replaced every few years. While it may be tempting to purchase a cheap battery, is it worth it?

How to tell if your battery is dying

A dying battery has some pretty telltale signs. These include:

  • A slow engine crank
    If your car is starting more slowly than usual, this may be a first sign of a dying battery.
  • Your battery won’t charge
    A battery that continuously requires recharging usually means it needs to be replaced.
  • A bloated battery
    If you’re car’s battery is swelling, it usually means it has overheated. This can cause the battery case to rupture, causing a leak.
  • A rotten egg smell
    This smell usually means a leaking battery.

If you notice any of these common issues, then it is most likely time for a new battery. Some other issues such as dim lights while driving and your car turning off at idle, could also be caused by a dead battery, but it may also be a sign of a larger issue. Logbook servicing usually involves an inspection of the battery and replacement if necessary.

Difference In Quality

Buying a cheaper battery is a very tempting option to get you back on the road with minimum expense. However, cheaper batteries are often made using lower grade components such as cheap cables, wires, metals and electrolytes. These components wear out much quicker than higher quality batteries. Some cheap batteries even user lower-grade casings, making them much more susceptible to leaking.

Most high quality batteries should live for 2-5 years depending on climate and use. A cheaper, & lower quality battery is likely to have a much shorter lifespan.

Other Issues

The thought that your cheap battery might not last long should be enough reason not to buy one, but it’s not the only possible issue. A more expensive issue commonly caused by a cheap battery is a broken alternator. By converting the engines rotational output into electrical energy, the alternator recharges the battery while you drive.

A cheaper battery with lower quality components may require more energy to be charged, over stressing the alternator. This causes it to wear out much quicker when compared to normal use. Once the alternator dies, replacing the battery won’t be able to fix your car’s issues and will require a replacement. The cost of replacing an alternator can easily rise past the $1000 mark, and usually requires purchasing a new battery.

As the main power supply for your vehicle, a high quality battery should be used.. You don’t want to end up on the side of the road due to a cheap battery. If you need to purchase a new car battery, or have any questions, call us today on 07 3356 1538 or get a quote online.

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