How Long Does A Roadworthy Last In Qld?

How Long Are Roadworthy Certificates Valid For?

Roadworthy Certificates in Queensland (or Queensland Safety Certificates) are valid for 2 months or 2,000km, whichever comes first unless you are a licensed motor dealer (like us) and then your roadworthy certificate is valid for 3 months or 1,000km from the date of issue*.

Roadworthy: Sell My Car In Brisbane

Do you need to sell your car? It used to be the case that you couldn’t advertise your vehicle for sale unless you already had a roadworthy certificate, but now you can advertise your vehicle and show it to potential buyers without having purchased a Queensland Safety Certificate. This means most sellers will wait until a buyer is interested in purchasing their vehicle to obtain a roadworthy certificate. You just need to make sure that you don’t get your Roadworthy Certificate too soon! If you haven’t priced your car at the current market rate then it may take a while to sell. If you are still driving your car while you’re waiting for a buyer to bite, you may be up for the cost of another certificate. Keep in mind that you only have 2,000kms allowed to add to your speedometer before you’ll need to get a new certificate.

If you’re looking to sell your car as quickly as possible and you don’t want to bother with a Roadworthy Certificate or organising advertising and inspections with potential buyers, get in touch with us. If you’re thinking “I just want to sell my car in Brisbane”, we can help. Many clients enjoy the convenience of selling their car to us, with no delay, so that they can buy the car of their dreams sooner! Call us on 07 3356 1538 to discuss selling your vehicle and find out how easy it is to sell your car at a great price, without the hassle.

Roadworthy For Unregistered Vehicle

Getting a roadworthy for an unregistered car is just the same as a registered vehicle. You only need to make sure that once you get your roadworthy, you go ahead and register it within the timeframe allowed. We generally find that most clients who want a roadworthy to register their vehicle, get it registered within a few days as they are keen to be out on the road driving their car.

If you are looking to register an unregistered vehicle, then you would generally organise your Safety Certificate just before you plan to register your vehicle; and generally the timing is not an issue at all. We have appointments available most days of the week for roadworthy certificates, but we recommend getting it done in plenty of time, just in case there is anything that needs to be fixed on the vehicle before it can be registered. Visit our Roadworthies page to find out more about what happens if you fail a roadworthy inspection.

Roadworthy Expiry Qld

If your roadworthy certificate expires before you sell your vehicle, you will need to obtain a new roadworthy certificate to transfer the vehicle into the buyer’s name, unless you are selling the vehicle unregistered.

To get a better understanding of what a Roadworthy Certificate is, visit our blog, What Is A Roadworthy Certificate.

For more detailed information about Roadworthy Inspections visit our Roadworthy Inspections page.

To book in your vehicle to obtain a Queensland Safety Certificate call us on 07 3356 1538.

*This information was sourced from the Queensland Government website and was correct at the time of writing. We recommend that you check the government website for any recent changes

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