Our Top Tyre Care And Maintenance Tips

The condition of tyres is a crucial part of your car’s overall health, as well as the way your car drives. Tyres that have been properly looked after are much more likely to live a long life and keep you safe on the road. By using our top tyre care and maintenance tips, you can minimse wear, get the best life out of your tyres and save on premature tyre replacements.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tyres

Tyre care and maintenance is not often at the top of a car owners’ lists, but it is an important step when trying to improve the longevity of your tyres. We have devised a list of our top tyre care and maintenance tips so that you have the tools you need to start looking after your tyres:

1. Regular tyre checks

Checking your tyres regularly can help you to spot problems before they become serious. Anyone can quickly and easily inspect their tyres when they know what they’re looking for, and having this basic know-how can prevent you from getting stuck on the side of the road. When checking your tyres, you should Inspect:

  • The tyre pressures – Ensuring your tyres are properly inflated will ensure they wear evenly and at the slowest rate. Learn how to check your tyre pressure and find out what PSI your tyres should be.
  • Tread depth – this refers to the depth of the grooves on your tyres. The less tread there is on your tyres, the less grip you will have – especially in wet conditions. You are legally required to replace your tyres when your tread depth has worn lower than 1.6mm. You can test this by slotting a ruler or a coin in between the grooves.
  • Cracks or damages – if you notice anything out of the ordinary such as cracks in the rubber, a puncture, slow leaks, damage to the sidewall or something else that may be an issue, we can help to inspect and fix your tyre issues. Read our article about how to determine whether you need new tyres.

2. Tyre rotation

For most cars, two wheels are putting down most (if not all) of the power to the road – leading to these tyres being worn more quickly than the other two. If your back tyres are being worn more quickly than your front tyres (or vice versa), rotating them can save you having to replace them sooner. Even if there is no visible sign of uneven wear, we recommend rotating your tyres every 5,000-8,000km as a preventative measure. You can also talk to our friendly team about when you should rotate your tyres.

3. Wheel alignment

Wheel misalignment can cause excessive and uneven wear to your tyres. It also makes it more difficult to handle your car on the road and can cause your car to pull to one side of the road. We recommend getting your wheels aligned professionally every 10,000km, every 6 months or when you have new tyres fitted (whichever comes first). Our qualified mechanics can realign your wheels to ensure they are steering true and minimise wear and tear.

4. Tyre balancing

Tyres that are unbalanced can cause your steering wheel to shake, vibrate, or wobble, particularly when driving at greater speeds. They can also cause uneven wear, and may even put you at risk on the road. Our tyre technicians at Australian Mechanics have specialist equipment that can adjust your tyres weight distribution and ensure they are evenly balanced, reducing irregular wear.

Do You Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Tyres?

Anyone can improve the lifespan of their tyres by performing basic maintenance, but sometimes your tyres do require professional servicing. To learn more about how to integrate our top tyre care and maintenance tips, or to book in with our tyre technicians, contact us on 07 3356 1538 or send us a message.

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